Velluto Onyx




What is Onyx Marble?

Onyx marble is a group of semi-precious stones. There are interpretations that the word root means “ring, ring” in the Assyrian language or derived from the Greek meaning “nail”. In Turkish, onyx is the common usage name of both precious stones and agate, one of the chalcedony stones belonging to the jewelery industry. It is a kind of agate stone largely composed of silicon minerals. Because of its similarity to this stone, one of the marble types was named onyx marble.

The formation of onyx marble compared to other marbles is that it emerges as rocks formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in cold spring waters. Compared with the formation of other marble types; The waters that make up the onyx marbles contain more mineral salt in terms of content and the precipitation process takes place more slowly. The stone formed under these conditions is; crystallized, dense and highly transparent. They differ from other types of marble with their transparent and crystalline structures. Onix has the ability to transmit light with its transparent structure. Therefore, it is suitable for use for decoration and architectural purposes. They are usually available in white, green, yellow and red in color.

Where Is Onix Used?

Onyx marble is generally used in interior design applications due to its light transmittance and low production. With its unique decorative structures, it is generally applied by lighting to give visual richness in the lobbies and foyers of collective use areas. Among other narrow space usage areas, it is used in counter tops and edge coverings, as hotel reception desks, in coatings on a complete metal frame and in wooden combinations. It has been seen in the discoveries and historical buildings used by the Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and Romans in their temples, palaces and even in the construction of their thrones. Onyx marble has been used in the construction of mosque columns in many Islamic countries.

Due to their colorful structures, Onyx marbles are decoratively used in plates, bowls, mini sculptures, handcrafted carved objects, personal jewellery, table and coffee table productions, and even in the interior designs of the vehicles of the British giant car manufacturer Rolls Royce, which are produced exclusively and rarely in the world, in door handles and console upholstery. is used.