Usak White




Uşak white marble is a plain white natural stone type. Very rarely, brown and gray veins can be found on it. This solid colored stone, which is rare in nature, is like a natural symbol of purity and clarity. Extracted from the bosom of the black earth, this white stone is astonishingly beautiful. Although its white appearance gives it a delicate and elegant air, it is actually a very durable and strong stone. One of the most beautiful aspects of this natural stone is that it is easy to clean. It is very difficult to keep the white color in its original color and cleanliness. However, for this particular white stone, it is quite easy. Its polished glossy surface does not contain dirt, rust, stains on it and does not penetrate it. Thus, it can be cleaned even with a little water.

The usage area of ​​this product is quite wide. It is highly preferred especially in interiors with its color that gives comfort and peace. Of course, the fact that it is easy to clean also plays a big part in this. On the other hand, it is also preferred in exterior architectural and decorative areas.