Toros Black




Taurus black marble, which expresses the harmony of black and white colors in the most meaningful way, is the name of a natural miracle, worth a work of art, in which thin or thick white veins dance harmoniously on a black base color.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Toros black marble is preferred mainly in flooring, wall covering, column covering applications in luxury buildings such as business centers, hotels, shopping centers, residences and villas. There are also application areas such as stair steps and docks, windowsills, elevator coverings, skirting boards and handrails. In addition, it can be used as a paving stone with water jet application to add richness to the area where it is applied.It also adds elegance to the spaces with its countertop and sink application in wet areas.           Dining table and coffee table applications, which are indispensable for home decoration, also attract great attention.It is seen that our architects, who attach importance to modern lines, often include black and white colors, which are the most indispensable colors, in their projects.It attracts a great deal of attention in the foreign market as well as in the domestic market, and it is one of our most exported marbles.