Rustik Green




Rustic green marble, also known as Safranbolu Eflani Fossil. With its exotic green color and unique patterns, it is a wonderful product that will make a viewer look again. The high rate of fossils it contains has given the stone a rich green color. While its unique natural green color adds freshness and beauty to the place where it is located, it also has a very solid and durable structure due to the rocks found in its composition. This feature of the product, which is extremely resistant to heat, water, humidity and cold, has given it a wide range of uses. It is used in decorative areas, interior and exterior architecture, as well as in design areas, on furniture, in tombstones and fireplaces, on stair steps and handrails.

Rustik Green green marble fascinates those who see it with its wonderful naphtha green color. The surface patterns, which look like the painting of a marbling artist, reflect the irresistible harmony of white and green. The product, which gives a stylish look to the applied areas, gives a cool and avant-garde atmosphere.

Rustik Green green marble finds its place in a very wide area such as hotel counters, counters, spa and baths, sinks, wall and floor coverings, decorative items, fireplaces, windowsills and skirting boards, pool sides.

This locally produced building material is a natural stone with a high extraction capacity. Its hygienic surface, non-staining structure and being resistant to chemicals make it one of the number one products in terms of cleaning. This product, which has a matte appearance, is mostly used in floor and facade cladding applications.


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