Rosso Levanto




Rosso Levanto marble is a red-purple colored Turkish marble used by the Romans centuries ago in the construction of columns, floors and walls. This stone has a striking and densely intertwined display of bright white veins on a reddish background. Its intense red color is due to the excess of iron oxides forming pigment. Its distinctive appearance and durability have made it a famous material since ancient times, so much so that even some Etruscan funerary artifacts made from this marble have been found.

The rocks from which it is extracted have been used for ornamental purposes since ancient times, both because of their chromatic properties and their ease of processing and polishing. It is also used in its natural state to decorate parks and gardens outside with masonry stones and gravel. Especially irregularly shaped natural wall stones are often used in the decoration of ponds, flower beds and fountains. However, both in the past and in modern times, Elazig Cherry marble has been mainly used for interior lining as it can cause chemical dissolution of some of the minerals that make it up over time. Although considered ideal for the construction of floors, sills, columns and stairs in interior design, Rosso Levanto marble is frequently used in wall coverings, wet areas and furniture elements, as it gains an incredible shine when polished. The gloss properties of this stone make it a particularly suitable material for creating design elements for wet areas such as a red tub, red sink or shower tray.

 Rosso Levanto can also be called by its known counterparts, such as Elazig Cherry, Rosso Levantino, Rosso Levante.