Panda White




Marmara Island, located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, is an island that has hosted the oldest marble quarries in the world and has therefore become the origin of the word marble in many languages. The history of Marmara marble, which was used by many civilizations from the Roman period to the Ottoman period, dates back to the 9th centuries BC. Marmara marble has given life to countless historical buildings since those days.

Panda White, which is a selection of blocks produced from the quarries of Marmara island, gives a privileged atmosphere to distinguished spaces with its white floor. This selection, which takes advantage of the ageless and timeless spirit of white, is one of the favorite choices of architects who can bring marble together with art.

Marmara marble has an antibacterial structure due to its formation and therefore it is frequently preferred in places where hygiene is prioritized such as Turkish baths and bathrooms. In addition, because it is a stone with high strength, it is resistant to climatic conditions and is very suitable for outdoor use.

Plate thickness standards are 1-2-3 cm, and intermediate thicknesses can also be offered for high demand requests. In our 1-2-3 cm cut productions, in addition to standard productions such as 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm, much smaller or larger sizes can be produced according to demand.