Noche Travertine




About  Travertine

It is formed as dripped for millions of years from hot water, adding an extraordinary character to every place it applied from the road to the house, from the cellar to the garden, from the pool to the palace.

Turkish Travertines are rather famous worldwide. There are a lot of places that you can use travertine in your projects like the walking areas of shopping malls, streets, gardens of houses, pool floorings, patios, pathways, backyards, interior floorings, wall claddings. Turkish travertines bring both a warm view and luxury feels to the projects that it is used. All over the world, people prefer travertine tiles and pavers while they are designing their home decorations both for outdoor and indoor places. Architects are using those to create a traditional area with modern touches.


Suggestions for Travertine Usages;

1) Travertines give a warm view of the places that it is used.

2) It is a perfect decision for outdoor living places where is walking traffic. Because travertines are not slippery.

3) It is a very strong material.

4) It is not affected by hot or cold weather.

5) It is a water-friendly material. Because travertines do not keep water on the surface.

6) It is one of the most preferred materials worldwide to create luxury exterior areas of the houses.

7) You can also use Turkish travertines for indoor places, as well.

8) It is a budget-friendly material that allows you to use natural stone in your project at reasonable prices. Take the best prices by clicking here now!