Mugla White




Turkey, which is among the few countries in the world in terms of marble reserves, has rich marble deposits. Muğla white marble is one of the most beautiful marbles in Turkey, which has different texture, color and quality marble beds. You can visit the page to get information about Muğla white marble, which has the characteristics of the region, is used as a building material with its smooth appearance and is also used for decoration and artistic purposes, and to learn the unit price.


What is Muğla White Marble?

Muğla white marble is a type of marble used as a building material and decoration in the world as well as in Turkey. Marble, which got this name because it was produced in the Muğla region, is almost like a white paper due to its smooth texture and color. It is a very stylish and high quality marble type. White marble, which is preferred because it is as smooth as its color, is a very useful type of rock. The fact that it has been used in many prestigious projects has made marble famous around the world. Every year, hundreds of tons of white marble are exported to different continents of the world.

The dark lines in Muğla marble, which is produced in shades between white and gray, make the appearance of the marble even more attractive. The movement that started in the Turkish marble market in the 1980s caused the interest in Muğla marble to increase, to gain value and to be used in many areas. Known as Muğla marble in Turkey, the marble is known as “White Ibiza” and “Blanco Ibiza” in world markets.


Muğla Marble Properties

Muğla white marble is a hard and durable type of marble. Due to its low porosity, it shows high resistance against impacts and pressure. It is long-lasting and does not wear out easily. Since the crystal size is small, it can be polished. This feature provides easier processing and shaping of Muğla marble. It can be used safely in areas exposed to water due to its non-water absorbing structure. It is extremely easy to clean and does not stain. It does not contain germs, it is hygienic.


Muğla Marble Usage Areas

Muğla marble is a building material with a wide usage area. Muğla white, which is used in the production of countertops and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms, is the most used area in Turkey for windowsills. It is frequently used as sills on the windowsills in marble buildings with near zero water permeability. Apart from this, white marble is also used in the production of natural stone accessories such as fountains, fountains, flower pots, vases, tables and coffee tables.

White marble, which is also used as a flooring element in indoor and outdoor spaces, is the most used marble type, especially in baths. The product, which is also used as a stair and step coating material, is one of the most used natural stones in the country. White marble, which is used as a wall covering element in bathrooms and baths, is a preferred product for creating healthy and clean living spaces. You can visit page to closely examine the application examples of this product, which is also affordable, and to place an order, and you can buy Muğla white in any quantity.