Medium Emperador




Emperador Medium marble is a kind of brown marble mined in Turkey. This stone is especially good for building block, countertop, sink, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, pavement and other design projects. Also Emperador Marble; It is also called Turkish Emperador, , Emperador Dark, Turkish Emperador Dark, Emprador Dark Marble, Emperador Light, Turkey Emprador Light, Bursa Emperador, Medium Emperador.

The Marrón Emperador lives up to its name thanks to the combination of its dominant dark tonality with whimsically alternating light stitching. The aesthetic properties of this marble make it one of the most sought after materials on the market. It is so widely used in decoration that it is also used in sculpture. Emperador marble pairs well with whites in all its variants, but especially with earthy colors such as ecru, vanilla, bone and sand.

Medium Emperador has light colored veins resembling a spider web, which attracts attention with its dark brown base color. Our architects and designers, who want to bring the eye-catching beauty of the dark brown tones of Medium Emperador marble to life in their projects, apply it in areas such as hotel, business center, shopping center, luxury residence projects such as flooring, wall coverings, elevator coverings, stair steps, facade cladding.

It also achieves a high level of harmony with Light Emperador or beige marble alternatives, which are members of the Emperador family. Sometimes it adds color to the light color main paving stone as a border. Sometimes light colored marble is used on a stair step, Marron Emperador marble on a quay or vice versa; Sometimes a beautiful pattern work is created by combining it with different colored marbles in a belly motif application made with the waterjet cutting method. This application is especially seen in the entrance corridors of villas or in the lobbies of buildings such as hotels and business centers.

With Marron Emperador marble, you can add color to your home decoration and enrich your living room dining table or coffee table with this marble. You can also use it in the manufacture of countertops or sinks in a bathroom where the light color emperador is applied. Marron Emperador marble is also used in open buffet counters of hotels or on the dining table of dining areas such as cafes and restaurants.

Medium Emperador marble is a dark brown colored natural stone that is very popular with its widespread use in prestigious projects. Medium Emperador marble has successfully carried and delivered its name with its aesthetic feature and quality appearance. Shining between dark color tones, this marble is in perfect harmony with the earth tones of white. Medium Emperador marble, which impresses its visitors where dark brown color tones are placed or used, is generally preferred in mega projects. Recommended uses of Medium Emperador marble can be listed as countertops, interior and exterior wall applications, flooring, mosaics and fountains.

Medium Emperador marble is called “Turkish Emperador, Emperador Dark, Emperador Dark Turkey, Emprador Dark Marble, Emperador Light, Light Emprador Turkey, Bursa Emperador, Medium Emperador, Spanish Emperador Marble” in English literature.