Marmara White Equator




Being a beautiful natural stone Marmara White Marble is mostly preferred especially for countertops, interior walls and exceptionally exterior walls, pool and wall capping, fireplace walls, floor applications, marble tile floors, mosaics, and many other design projects. It can be offered and processed as Polished, Rock faced, Tumbled, Sand Blasted, Sawn Cut shapes to provide its fundamental flexibility for any creative installations. You can choose Marmara White Marble for your business or any design projects and experience the historical, architectural beauty incontrovertibly contributing to the design world. Marmara White Marble, which we see quite often indoors and outdoors; It is also known as “Marmara White”, “Marmara Marble”, “Marmara Island Marble”, “Bathroom Marble”, “Marmara Zebra”, “Marmara Panda” in the sector. It has different color tones. From this point of view, it stands out as a profitable object among commercial goods. Although each of them is divided into a separate group with different names and tones, all of the marble type products extracted from the Marmara region are called Marmara marble.

Marmara Island, located in the southwest of the Sea of ​​Marmara; It has hosted the world’s oldest marble quarries and this feature has therefore been identified with the word marble in many languages. Marmara marble is a marble that has written its name on important structures in both world and Turkish history. Marmara Marble, which is among the oldest marbles in the world, is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been frequently used in the Masjid-i Aksa in the region, in the Ottoman palaces, in the Ephesus and Troy civilizations, in many Roman and Byzantine structures and many historical buildings like this. Marmara Marble, which is a rare natural stone type that adapts to the climatic conditions of the region, is characterized by its hygienic structure and With its history, it takes place in many buildings and projects today and is frequently preferred.

Generally, Marmara marble, high sulfur minerals are generally preferred. The Marmara Marble, which is a structure that is not easily broken and originating from the Ottoman baths, is the one that remains at the minimum level on the surface due to the grinding and polishing (polishing and polishing) event. “The coolness in summer content, the ease of use in use.