Turkish Limestones that quarried in the various cities of Turkey are rather well-known in the natural stone business. Turkish Limestone is rather good for indoor and outdoor natural stone applications such as flooring, wall cladding, mosaic, fountain, pool coping, pool flooring, stairs. Without hesitation, we can say that Turkish Limestone is one of the most preferred natural stones in facade works worldwide.
Limra Limestone collection is one of the most popular white limestone products worldwide. They are especially preferred in commercial buildings, shopping malls, large hotels, compounds, and private villas. The brightness of them brings an elegant and fresh atmosphere to the places. Those areas that Limra Limestone used look illuminate, large, and luxurious.
Limra Limestone is a good choice for facade cladding by reflecting sunlight due to the light color of this material, helps your building to stay colder during the high-temperature period.
What are the Advantages of Using Limestone in Your Projects
Without any doubt about limestone, made of natural stone, is one of the most used materials in our projects. There are many advantages to it.
Especially Turkish Limra Limestone products are creamy white color. They reflect the sunlight. So you can easily use them for walking places such as pool flooring or pool copings. Due to Limra Limestone has this kind of feature, you can use it in facade works.
Limestone has a uniform texture. It is also made of natural stone. It is breathing material as well.
Especially for the places where are walking traffic too much, the place must be not slippery. Limestone does not keep water on its’ surface. When you prefer production finish as brushed, honed, or slightly sandblasted for those areas, there is no slipping problem surely.
For your interior decorative walls or wall cladding of your gardens, split-face limestone products are good options. Both you use natural stone and also bring an elegant view to your places.
For indoor floorings, any limestone color is a rather good choice. Because they easily match with your design due to they are uniform.
Limestone is one of the most preferred natural stone for the facade in hot climate countries due to reflects sunlight and keeps the house colder inside and amazing looking when it is applied.
You can easily open anchor holes on limestone without damaging the tiles to make your construction process faster in terms of facade works.