Light Emperador




Light emperador marble is one of the most known and used varieties of the Emperador marble family, which has the most common usage area in Turkey. Small veins like spider web on the yellow background add a fascinating beauty to the stone. Its grainy structure and homogeneous appearance increase its naturalness. Due to its harmonious structure with different colored marbles, it is one of the marble types that our architects and designers cannot give up. While polished surface treatment is generally preferred in projects, different surface treatments such as honed, brushed, sandblasted are also applied in Delta Marble’s qualified factory, considering the usage area in the project. If it is to be used in combination, the first option that comes to mind is Dark Emperador, which is also from the Emperador family.

In recent years, light emperador marble has been seen especially in the entrances and floor corridors of residential projects in urban transformation. It has a wide usage area such as floor covering, wall covering, border, skirting, stair step. Due to its homogeneous structure, it can also be used as the main stone in large flooring areas.

Considering that the production of products that add value to home decoration, such as dining tables and coffee tables, with natural stone today, attracts a lot of attention, one of the most used natural stones in these productions is light emperador marble.


The most common usage is seen with Dark Emperador. While the main floor stone is light emperador marble, Dark Emperador is used as wedge flooring or border flooring. Or, while the stair step is light emperador marble, the pier can be Dark Emperador.Decorative core motifs are obtained with waterjet application by combining with marbles of different colors.In recent years, there has been an increase in its use in landscape areas. It also changes the atmosphere of the projects with the production of walkways, facade cladding and even decorative flowerpots and columns.It is also used extensively in business centers, hotels, hospitals and villas.

Polished mosaic and split stone options are among the other decorative options that Delta Marble offers to its customers by producing it in its qualified factory.


Standard light emperador marble dimensions are 30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 60×60, 60×90, 60×120, 80×80, 90×90, 100×100; However, Delta Marble also performs cuts in different sizes in line with the demands of its customers and the needs of the projects. Personal and project-specific sizing works are carried out in the Afyon factory. Apart from the standard thickness of 2 and 3 cm, different thicknesses are also produced according to the nature of the project.