According to Greek Mythology, “Persis Mountain, where the marble quarries are densely located in Dokimeion (Iscehisar), was the sacred area of Anaça Kybele. One day, while Kybele’s lover Attis was being held on Persis Mountain, he was injured by hunting a wild boar. , The marble in the quarries of Dokimeion (Iscehisar) drips onto the white marble and the marble, the cane on the purple marble… And at the beginning is the legend of the rescue of Violet Marble from Antiquity.

Afyon violet is one of the natural beauties when the white color, which represents purity, innocence and peace, is combined with the violet color you will fall in love with. It is one of the oldest (2500 years old) hearths in the world and was used in historical buildings in İzmir Şelçuk.

Afyon Violet, obtained from the quarries where the most distinguished marble blocks of Turkey are supplied, comes to the Luxmar Stone factory in blocks. The floor processing businesses of a professional staff are reflected in your living spaces with products consisting of 2 and 3 cm slabs or dimensional products with the latest technology installation.